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Browser game di calcio

Allena il tuo calciatore, entra a far parte di una squadra composta completamente da utenti REALI, sfida gli altri giocatori in sfide 1vs1, partecipa ai clan, batti le leggende di CalcioStreet, associati alla community e scopri tutte le altre funzioni di gioco di CalcioStreet! Gioca!
Le partite
La competizione è l'anima di CalcioStreet, per vincere il campionato devi essere il più informato sulle partite. Non lasciarti sfuggire nessun dettaglio se vuoi vincere

Guida partite
Segui tutti gli sviluppi del gioco sul devblog, degli sviluppatori

DevBlog TheDarkITA

Home Page

barra alta

Starting from the top and from left to right you can see :

- The logo of CalcioStreet

- The event bar : In the bar of the events will be added all the official events of CalcioStreet .

- Activity Points ( the button on the top left of the bar of events)

- The Journal of CS (the key at the bottom left of the bar of events)

- The campaign :  It 's a little story that introduces new users to the world of CalcioStreet

- Money : are essential to perform the basic actions of CalcioStreet like improve their abilities , buy items , to take part at tournaments , participate in auctions , and so on...

- Popularity : The popularity is the level of satisfaction among your fans . More popularity is high , more fans you have , the more your salary will be high ! The popularity is obtained from the challenges made ​​and received .

- Adrenaline: Adrenaline is the most valuable asset of CalcioStreet . It is recoverable only through the challenges ( made ​​and received ) and is used to reduce the time training their abilities (See Disco)

- Morale: Morale is a value that ranges from 0 to 100 points and affects your performance in the challenges and matches , the higher will be your morale , the better you'll play . The morale is lost or gained depending on the final outcome of a challenge.

- Points : Based on the points , every week and every month , there are charts that give the end of the agreed time , depending on the placement , the prizes to the winners . Points are earned and lost through the challenges . If you challenge a player with more points you earn more points with the win, if you challenge a play with less points you will earn less and you'll lose more.

- JG Coins : The full name is JoveGames Coins. Through this money, in the store proper , you can buy some items that are not found in other stores.

- The Master Street selected

- Bar News : There will be made all the recent articles written by users .

The following is a bar located at the bottom of the page:

barra sotto

Starting from the top and from left to right you can see:

- Messages: Clicking on that icon you can send messages and read messages that have been sent.

- Calendar: Clicking on that icon you will have access to all matches scheduled divided by days.

- Charts: Clicking on that icon you will have access to all the charts present on CalcioStreet, both for the player and for the team.

- "Change PG": Clicking on that icon you can avail quickly return to the selection of its players allowing you to quickly change the player without the need to use two browsers.

- Profile: Clicking on that icon you can change your settings or send a Ticket to the staff.

- Help: Clicking on that icon you will have access to the various guides CalcioStreet.

- Logout: Clicking on that icon you can log out.

This is the menu of the left CalcioStreet:


CalcioStreet also has a notification system that alerts you when you receive messages and ongoing auctions will be displayed in the lower left corner every time you load a different page:


mappa This is the button of the City's Map


Here you can find all the features present in Calciostreet.

In the sidebar you will find the list of tournaments that reminds you whether or not you have made ​​the challenges in tournaments in which you are enrolled and the Devblog, the official blog to follow the development of CalcioStreet and other games Jovegames.